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  • Finishing Suite

  • Studio A

  • Studio B

  • Studio B

  • Studio B

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  • Studio Equipment

Our Studios

  • Studio A -8,000 Square feet with 18’ to the grid
  • Studio B – 9400 Square feet with 18’ to the grid (110 feet of cyc or limbo)
  • Studio C – 900 Square feet virtual studio with 3 remote controlled HD cameras and Tri-caster 850 virtual switcher

The production studio rental most often used is Studio B. The dimensions of that studio are approx 112′ x 84′ (32m x 24m) and 18 feet high (to the grid). The Cyclorama covers two walls and curves around one corner. We are able to cover mostly all the cyclorama with black limbo on a track, and in fact can black out pretty much most of the studio. We have cyclorama lighting as well. There are 18′ high load-in doors that open up to the upper and loading dock areas, so it is relatively easy to bring sets into the studio.

Cameras, Record & Playback

  • 5 HD Studio Cameras: HTC900 on Lowboy Pedestals with teleprompter
  • 1 HD Jib Camera: HTC1400 on 12’ or 18’ boom with teleprompter
  • Video Server & Playback: We are a full HD digital broadcast facility that is server based for recording and playbacks

Our server is manufactured by Quantel. We are able to facilitate 2 records, 2 playbacks, and 2 ISO-CAM. If there is only 1 playback, then we can record 3 ISO-CAM. Some clients prefer to rent additional drives or bring their own . The standard codec for record and ingest on our Quantel server is DVCPRO HD 1080i60 at 29.97fps and 48k/24bit audio. Our Quantel server records and plays in the DVCPROHD 1080i60 codec.” 


Our production studio rentals audio room has a C100HDS Solid State Logic (SSL) digital audio console with an Alphlink with 24 analog input and outputs and 24 digital inputs and outputs. Full Post audio capability. Has audio file playback capabilities and can be either 2 channel stereo or 5.1 surround. Wave file format, 48 khz, 24 bit. Our audio facilities also include a radio room and voice over booth.

Control Room

Our production studio rentals include SONY 8000 HD switcher 24 input, 3 M/E’s with 2 channel Digital Multi-level Effects. Inscriber Character Generator – Harris software that we run on an XP platform. It is two channel. It can do graphics and animation, but depends on the complexity. Often a client will create animated graphics or fonts off site that we can pull from a drop box and load into our system.


Although our production studio rentals have an inventory of light fixtures. Some rentals may be required, depending on the requirements of the set or availability due to other productions that may be happening simultaneously. The best thing to do would be to send a lighting plot for the set, so our LD can determine what we have available, and what we might have to rent. Availability of lighting inventory is determined by the needs of the client and the variable usage within our facility at the time.

Post Production

For your post production needs, the Crossroads Centre offers three edit suites equipped with Adobe CC, Final Cut, Quantel and/or DaVinci Resolve software. One of our edit suites is specially designed for your finishing touches in stereo or 5.1 surround sound and colour correction.

Catering Services

Our catering services include full service meals, buffet style, breakfast, brunch, or craft services for Studio production.

For Studio & Post Production Rentals


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