Drought Proofing Kenya!

In 2011, when the “worst drought in 60 years” struck the Horn of Africa, Turkana, Kenya was one of the most affected regions.

As a result, the most vulnerable in the community died, leaving mothers like Lokuyan to watch her twin babies die just two months apart because of a lack of food.

We provided emergency food relief during the drought but we wanted to do more – we wanted to be a part of true transformation. After consulting with professional surveyors, hydrogeologists, civil and agricultural engineers, and an architect, a plan was developed that would transform the landscape and its people with a long-term agricultural strategy.

Our goal is to “drought-proof” over 1200 families by digging 12 large-volume, solar powered borehole systems on four separate farm blocks. These farms will establish ¼ acre garden plots for families. Through our provision of seeds, tools, and agricultural training, they will be able to grow their own food year-round, establishing food security throughout the region!

We do not want Lokuyan’s devastating experience to be repeated. Instead, we want to tell stories of lives that have been changed because of caring people who invested in a program they knew would make a long-term impact. Join us in transforming lives!

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Kenya is located on the Eastern coast of Africa.