The Persecuted Church

If someone came crashing into your home and grabbed your family and told you to renounce your faith in Jesus, while holding a gun to your head – would you do it? Read more

Helping the Needy in Ukraine

Imagine a mother with children in east Ukraine, huddled in the root cellar of an unheated house, sleepless from the cold and the sound of bombing and gunfire. Read more

Uganda – Fresh Water

For more than 20 years, terror reigned in northern Uganda as the Lord’s Resistance Army attacked villages, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Read more

Drought Proofing Kenya!

In 2011, when the “worst drought in 60 years” struck the Horn of Africa, Turkana, Kenya was one of the most affected regions. Read more

Cambodia Sex Trafficking

It is estimated that there are 55,000 women engaged in the sex trade in Cambodia, at least 20% of whom are believed to be victims of human trafficking. Read more

Singing for Ukraine

Relief & Development is excited for the arrival of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Choir!

Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

…and Choir

Read more

Relief Effort for Haiti

Your help is URGENTLY needed! Our partners in Haiti are reaching out and asking for our help.

Haiti Hurricane Relief

Read more

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Uganda “Crews”

Please join us for an exciting life changing experience where you can help impact and change the lives of children and families living in Uganda.

Crossroads Missions is looking for a group of volunteers who are willing to make a sacrifice and travel to Lira, Uganda to help with the continuation of our Barlonyo School/ Dorm project.

David Miclash from our Alongside International program will be leading the team on an adventure in October 2017. Tentative dates are Oct 12th – 26th.  We need general laborers and people with construction or medical experience, but most importantly… a servant’s heart.

If you have ever felt God calling you, now is the time to respond!

Please contact David Miclash [email protected] Kelly Nuttall [email protected]

If you can’t join the team, we still need funds to help begin construction on the new boys dorm.


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