Relief Effort for Haiti

Your help is URGENTLY needed! Our partners in Haiti are reaching out and asking for our help.

Haiti Hurricane Relief


Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, is once again facing difficult times. Hurricane Matthew is the first category 4 storm to hit Haiti in 52 years. Severe flooding and devastating winds have caused enough damage to displace hundreds of thousands of people, flood or destroy thousands of homes and has resulted in approximately 1,000 deaths.

Crossroads Relief and Development has been working in Haiti for over 10 years. Our partners are needing help with food and hygiene kits, along with wood and nails to help repair the homes of single mothers and widows.


With the potential for a cholera outbreak after a disaster of this size, clean water is of the essence and we can help provide it with bio-sand filters.

Please consider donating to Haiti so we can help.