Singing for Ukraine

Relief & Development is excited for the arrival of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Choir!

Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

…and Choir

Please come and hear the beautiful music our friends from Ukraine are sharing with us once again.
In 2014 the Orchestra and Choir toured Canada and we had the privilege of producing a beautiful music special called “Songs for Ukraine”. At that time, we raised support for the many families who had been displaced by the violent conflict that was rocking Ukraine. Sadly, it rages on two years later.

Close to 1.7 million people have had their lives in turmoil as a result of the ongoing violence that continues in the eastern regions. Families are still struggling for survival and have been forced to rely on the aid that is given through churches and organizations helping where they can. Our partner has been making deliveries of food and relief items, but with winter once again approaching they will need even more.

Let’s show them we still care.

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Choir will be touring from Sept 14th – Oct 18th.

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