Helping the Needy in Ukraine

Imagine a mother with children in east Ukraine, huddled in the root cellar of an unheated house, sleepless from the cold and the sound of bombing and gunfire.

They are cold and hungry after months of fearful hiding.

Imagine a wife with children, her husband in a Kyiv hospital, suffering from terrible wounds after limbs were torn off by a mortar blast. It is impossible for her to cover the cost of medication that he needs, let alone feed her children.

These are the people we are helping.

Over 900,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to the violent conflict that has plagued eastern Ukraine for almost one year. Thankfully, we were already working in Ukraine since 2006 and through trusted partners we have been able to provide relief supplies to thousands of families.

Essential items like food, blankets, winter clothing, firewood, and cooking oil are some of the items we have been shipping into the crisis zones. Families that have had to flee their homes are huddled in churches and buildings, relying on the help of others.

Our ministry partners are doing their best; however, financial help is desperately needed due to the extreme fluctuation of their local currency and the increased cost of supplies due to the ongoing conflict.

Please consider helping us to extend God’s hand in mercy as they continue to face a violent and uncertain future.

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Ukraine is in Europe, bordering Russia.