Cambodia Sex Trafficking

It is estimated that there are 55,000 women engaged in the sex trade in Cambodia, at least 20% of whom are believed to be victims of human trafficking.


Most of them were lured into brothels with the promise of work in another town or city, or were sold by a family member thinking they would have better opportunities. Tragically, this is usually a lie and they are sold to brothels. Alone, vulnerable, penniless, ashamed, and under threat of violence, these young girls have no choice but to take “clients,” often servicing as many as 15 to 20 men a day. Many of them have been desperately crying out for rescue, for freedom, and, thankfully, their cry was heard.

We are grateful for our partner ministry whose program provides the ongoing psychosocial, mental, emotional, and spiritual support these girls need to overcome the trauma they endured. The program also incorporates education and vocational training, which are important components in ensuring a viable and sustainable future filled with hope. They also provide recreational activities that help the girls develop healthy social interaction, relationships, and trust. This is a long term initiative that requires not only healing and help for the girls but also a change in societal perception and values.

Join us in our efforts to spread God’s love and justice as we partner together with those on the front lines offering hope, dignity, and the knowledge that as God’s children they are worthy and valued.

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Cambodia is located in Asia, between Thailand and Vietnam. The Phillipines is to the East, Singapore and Australia are to the South.