Notorious to Glorious

Notorious to Glorious: follows the life of former career criminal Michael Bull Roberts, a violent white supremacist, drug trafficker, and gang member who experienced a dramatic life-changing transformation. His story reveals how he is now making a positive contribution in his community.

Inside Teen Suicide

Today’s youth have better education and are more connected than ever before… yet they are ending their lives at alarming rates. This hour-long documentary special features six riveting personal stories told through raw, gripping visuals, and looks at the root causes of teen suicide in our modern world. Experts in youth culture and health grapple with how technology and media has redefined relationships for young people. Amidst real life stories of despair and triumph, Inside Teen Suicide highlights the need to understand this pressing epidemic.

Science & Faith

A Season for Reason

Can Science and Religion coexist? For years this question has divided people into two camps: those who look for answers to the “what, how, and when” questions, and others who seek to understand the “why.”

Pain Killers

Tracking the Prescription Drug Epidemic


In one year, they’ve claimed the lives of more than 16,000 people in the United States. They’ve stolen identities, broken families, and led to life changing addictions. And yet they’re likely sitting in your medicine cabinet this very moment.

In the last 20 years, there has been a fundamental shift in the way doctors have been treating pain in North America. Powerful pain killers known as opioids used to be reserved for treating the terminally ill. But today, they’re at the center of a national health epidemic.

This documentary will inform you about the dangers of abusing opioids and how you can help someone who is caught in the deadly grip of prescription drug addiction.