As of December 27, 2016, families can gather around and watch all the family-friendly entertainment they want on Pureflix.com without having to worry about any language, sex or violence surprises.

BURLINGTON, ON and SCOTTSDALE, AZ. (December 27, 2016) – PureFlix.com is heading north and expanding to the Canadian market via an exclusive strategic marketing and content partnership with Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (CCCI).

In a new agreement with CCCI, PureFlix.com will provide Canadian families access to nearly 4,000 faith and family streaming video titles, including original series, movies, TV shows and kids’ programming. The content can be accessed from a number of different devices, including: ROKU streaming media player; Chrome browser; Apple Apps for iPad and iPhone; Google Play for Android; and Google Chromecast.

This new partnership marks a significant achievement for CCCI, making it the first time the ministry has been able to offer such a service to the Canadian market. Corporate values for CCCI and PUREFLIX.COM are very similar; both companies serve the Christian and Evangelical markets.

“We’re confident there’s an appetite for faith and family-based content from PureFlix.com based on the fact that more than 67 percent of the Canadian population self-reports as Christian [according to the 2011 census],” said PureFlix.com CEO Greg Gudorf. “That’s a sizeable target market who we believe are seeking safe, wholesome content among their entertainment choices.”

“It’s like Netflix minus the violence, sexuality and questionable language. A parent’s dream come true,” said CCCI’s CEO, Lorna Dueck. “We will also carry the best content from 100 Huntley Street, Context TV and Tricord Media exclusively.

“Crossroads is thrilled to lead the way for this SVOD network to establish a presence in Canada for the first time,” said Carlo Espejo, Chief Marketing Officer, CCCI. “We are excited to put the choice of what to watch, when and where, into the hands of Canadian viewers and our ministry Partners.  This is an expansion into the Canadian digital media space.”

This partnership supports a shared goal of using media to spread biblical truth and influence culture for Christ. Nomadic Christians are growing in numbers like never before and so, as they seek their own enlightenment on demand and through digital media, PureFlix.com and CCCI fill a void.

Pre-registration and sign-ups for the service can be accessed at PureFlix.com


About Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.
Crossroads is Canada’s leader in providing faith and values media content for people of all ages. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship television program of Crossroads was founded by Rev. David Mainse and is the longest running daily Christian television program in Canada. Crossroads provides relevant messages of faith and inspiration for millions of Canadians and has done so for 50 years. Its mission is to convey the unchanging message of God’s love to people around the world. Crossroads interacts with its viewers via 24/7 prayer lines, and it has also been a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency for over 25 years, having responded in times of natural disaster worldwide, raising funds and partnering with on-site, non-government organizations for emergency relief and long-term rebuilding strategies. For more information, visit our website at www.crossroads.media.

About PureFlix.com:
PureFlix.com is a subsidiary of Pure Flix Entertainment, LLC, the worldwide leader in faith and family-based entertainment and a Christian movie studio based in Scottsdale, Ariz. that produces, distributes and acquires Christ-based movies. Our vision is to positively influence the global culture for Christ through media. Whether it’s on your television, laptop, phone, or tablet, PureFlix.com is your trusted destination for the highest quality, wholesome entertainment that’s now available anytime, anywhere. For more information, please visit PureFlix.com.