Arlene Reemeyer

Arlene Reemeyer has committed to dedicating her expertise and heart to helping Crossroads donors plan how we can steward our resources to benefit the Kingdom. A long-time advocate and supporter of Youth ministry, she has continued to volunteer as committee chair with Youth for Christ. Arlene acknowledges the challenge of how to both leave an inheritance to our loved ones and be accountable for what we’ve been given. She is dedicated to making this process a seamless one for all.

Prior to Crossroads, Arlene fulfilled a long term of business management. She has held positions in operations, human resources, sales, distribution, procurement and inventory management. Arlene’s passion for empowering others to be successful in their vocations remains priority. When she is not hard at work, the mother of 3 adult children enjoys cycling, hiking and getting out her tools to play weekend warrior and tackle home projects.

Contact Info:
Mobile Phone: 905-407-8477
Email: [email protected]

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