Robert Melnichuk

Robert Melnichuk has served in leadership for over 25 years in both faith-based and marketplace positions. Graced with a unique calling in Communications, Robert has been privileged to express the Christian worldview across various mediums. Some of the highlights thus far include:

    • Working as a teaching co-host weekly over WDCX radio;
    • Serving as host and Executive Producer of “whatido” (program focused on profiling the fulfillment of vocational calling in the workplace) &
    • Hosting and producing “Let’s Talk” designed to engage a live audience in current cultural issues.


Currently, Robert has combined his ministry and Communications expertise to serve as Director of Western Canada for YES TV and Crossroads. Under his leadership, YES TV continues to expand its media presence in Western Canada. Robert also serves in development for Crossroads by creating and participating in both partner and major donor events. He continues to represent 100 Huntley Street from time to time, interviewing guests in Western Canada about their faith journeys.

Apart from work, Robert spends all of his time with Cindy, visiting family, routine physical fitness and keeping current on the church, marketplace and world events.

Contact Info:
Mobile Phone: 587-433-2969
Email: [email protected]

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