Christian TV Media Producers Announce Merger

crossroads-context-mergerBURLINGTON, Ontario, November 1, 2016 – Two of the nation’s foremost Christian media producers have agreed to merge under one name. The Boards of Directors for Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (CCCI) and Media Voice Generation (MVG), are pleased to jointly announce a merger that will be formed under Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.

We are very pleased to welcome Media Voice Generation and their program, Context with Lorna Dueck, to the CCCI family of companies,” said Gil Scott, Chairman, Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. “We look forward to growing the Body of Christ through the efforts of this merger.

Cheryl Hudson, Board Chair of Media Voice Generation added, “This partnership pursues creative ranges of media communication in the hope that faith in the Good News is explored and considered.

This move joins Canada’s two most public Christian media brands with the common vision of a united platform for delivering Christian media. The merger will further strengthen Christian media outreach and bring together two distinct voices: the MVG-produced, Context with Lorna Dueck (Context), which will retain its identity of speaking with a relevant journalistic voice to a diverse and significant audience, and the Crossroads-produced 100 Huntley Street, Canada’s longest-running daily television program. The merged entity and two media products will continue under the leadership of Crossroads CEO, Lorna Dueck, in Burlington, ON.

MVG’s Context, which operated out of the CBC building in Toronto, ON, is one of the highestrated faith-based programs in Canada,* with a diverse audience mix of Christians and nonChristians. Crossroads provides life-changing messages of faith and inspiration for millions of Canadians and also functions as a not-for-profit aid agency—partnering with onsite, non-governmental organizations to create sustainable solutions in response to various disasters and community challenges.

Lorna Dueck, Chief Executive Officer of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. adds, “Not only is this a good move for MVG and CCCI, it’s great for Canada’s Christian voice in media.

The merger provides Context with new strength in terms of infrastructure, YES TV airtime and studio resources. It also gives Context the ability to reach a prime time audience for the first time in its history which is terrific news,” says Media Voice Generation CEO, Jeff Groenewald.